Why is content so important?

You can have a stunning website and beautiful images, the website should be popular and loved by all your potential customers…but it’s not. You may have had some of your friends or closest customers tell you that it’s just not that great of a site due to your content. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t try and change your website based on every comment someone makes! But rather you should evaluate comments that you keep hearing, especially when it comes to your content!

It’s not just what you say in your website that’s important, it’s how you say it, the readability of what you’re saying. While you may think you’re using great terminology being very specific and showing yourself as a professional…you could be shooting over the heads of your potential customers! Not only are the terms you’re using not what people are using to search for your site (which means your site isn’t even showing up in many searches) but if they do manage to get there they are lost before they get beyond your home page.

Keep your words short and simple…think 3rd-5th grade levels.  It’s not being rude and you’re not talking down to people. But using terms that, while correct, are making many people feel…how shall we put it…less than intelligent!



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