Top 3 things that could be hurting your website…

There are many aspects to a website, it’s not just buying a template or using a website builder and your done in 20 minutes although there are many companies out there who would like you to believe that! There is a process, several steps to take beyond just getting words on a web page that if done correctly can help you…and if done incorrectly can destroy your online presence. Here are the most common problems we run across on websites…

  1. Word Choice: Your word choice can be a real killer! Typically you want to write your content so that a 5th grader can understand it, don’t use big words, keep it simple. While you’re correct that there are people out there that can understand what those terms are…and some of them can even type them correctly…but those are the few you’re already reaching, how about the many that not only don’t know the right terminology. I’ve heard people say things like “no one can spell this anyway so we’re going to include all the different variations including all the typos in our site so we come up!”  Not a great plan, if google searches the site and finds those typos you may not rank well for long because google will think that you don’t know what you’re talking about either so be careful with typos! Now, think of an industry you know nothing about: automotive, medical, photography, raising chickens, etc…do you know what every part, device and method are called and how to spell them?
  2. Large Images: Pictures can be measured in several ways, there is the physical dimensions usually measured in pixels as 1024×768, then there is how much space it takes up on your server usually measured in KB, MB and in some cases GB.  So while you can have a picture that is dimensionally large it may only be 90KB which is fairly small and wont take your website long to load…however, you can also have a dimensionally large picture come in at 17MB (which is huge by the way) so you have to be very careful to check the images before you upload them.  I get requests from clients all the time to help them make a page load faster and this is typically the problem.  This is especially important when it comes to mobile devices (anyone who has gone over their data limit and been charged more will attest to this one!)
  3. Thinking: Thinking that now it’s done and you never have to touch it again. You should be updating your blog daily/weekly but as far as your website goes you could probably get away with every few weeks to once a month. But those who “re-vamp” their websites once a year, once every 3 years are really missing out on traffic and rankings!

So…how many things are you guilty of?? Most people are guilty of a variety of sins when it come to their websites, don’t worry about it, lets just get it fixed! Every website has the potential to succeed, but it takes time and effort and remember…

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you always got!” ~Henry Ford

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