Top 3 Marketing Mistakes People Make…All the Time!

“If you always do what you’ve always done,
you’ll always get what you always got”

Marketing takes time, effort and a budget…this is something that you have to plan, and right now this is a great time to start making those plans for next year!  But making marketing mistakes can happen even when you have the best of intentions, thinking you’re doing what will get you most bang for your buck and deciding that you only need to update a website when something changes in your business or industry!

Thinking a website alone is enough…

Somewhere along the way someone told you that all you needed was a website and you’d take over the world…and in the early years of the internet when few people were willing to put time, effort and money into this new invention that was true. But here we are just a few years later and everyone has a website for every topic you can possibly imagine…and those keywords that you want so desperately to rank for have you buried on page 12 of Google.

But having a website that you believe is “Set it and Forget it”, where you never have to think about it again, is fraught with disaster…and a tad bit crazy…OK it’s just plain old bonkers!  Websites need to be nourished and tended to, they can’t be ignored and need to be updated regularly.  There are many different options to keep sites updated, and they don’t have to be terribly time consuming!

Believing you can handle SEO on your own…

I find more and more people who decided along the way that they will try and save money by handling SEO on their own or by having an employee do it…which can be find if you or your employee has either training or experience with doing this!  But most people frantically start googling the topic trying to learn everything about SEO in 48 hours and after a few months of frustration most people give up…then decide either that it doesn’t work or that you need to pay a company half-way around the world thousands of dollars a month…neither of which is true.  Anyone who designs websites can help you with SEO, and because they know the inner workings of your site! If you want to rank higher for specific keywords talk to your web designer first before you buy into so many of these false SEO companies.

You have to stick with it until you get valid results…

“I had a website for a while, then I was on Facebook for a while, I also tried paid advertising but none of them ever worked for me.” Digging a little deeper I find out that this client tried each of them for less than 2 months!  Being Awesome takes time! If you’re going to try something you have to give it a fair trial which means different things for each online effort.  A website could take 1-2 years, Facebook needs at least 8 months, PPC Ads take a year before you can start to see trends but needs to be monitored daily.

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