Top 10 for Realtors: 10 Ways Listing Copy Does the Selling for You!

“Compelling real estate copy has more than just facts.”

It’s more important than ever to make a good first impression to start building your relationship with your clients and now is not the time to rush to get the listing on the MLS without really going through your description. Today’s buyers aren’t the same as they were even just 10 years ago, they bounce from listing to listing in just minutes reading the headlines in seconds making every word you say more important than ever! has assembled 10 tips to help ensure your listings sell the property as well as you would…here are a few:

  1. Be Specific. Writing descriptions for listings all day, you may notice that they start to all sound alike with very little if anything that will make yours stand out in the buyers mind.
  2. Tell a Story. If this was your home would you be happy with how it’s written? It should contain a narrative and not just facts assembled from a list of bullets. The goal should be to get the buyers emotionally attached to this property.
  3. Get Local. Include a few details about the neighborhood, the lifestyle, etc to help the buyers envision the lifestyle as well as the property.
  4. Ask buyers what ‘Hooked’ them. Find out from your past buyers and current leads what is being said about properties that excited them about a listing.
  5. Good Spelling and Grammar are a MUST. Everyone knows how easy it is to rush through things and find out later that you have spelling/grammar mistakes all over the place! Proofread your descriptions several times, read it aloud and see if there is any place that needs to be improved or corrected.
  6. Let Your Listings Represent You. While you can show of your own personality as well as the personality of the home by making the content original, use descriptive imagery, need help turn to your thesaurus.
  7. Watch out for Double Meanings. Choose your words carefully, keep your target audience in mind. Here are a few examples:“opulent” can mean “atrociously overdone and gaudy” to some people. “Cozy” can be interpreted as “too small to fit a bed,” and “fixer-upper” can be read as “a dump.”
  8. Never underestimate a great headline. Some MLS systems allow for custom headlines…others do not, but when you post to your blog, facebook, google+, twitter or any other place on the web or in print it’s important to catch people’s attention.  Try using an action verb or an adjective that is a buying trigger.
  9. Include a call to action. Spell it out for them, don’t make them think about it, plant that seed in the buyers mind to get you on the phone or even email you as quickly as possible.
  10. Make sure everything match’s. Don’t overpromise or underpromise in the description, it can undermine the buyer’s trust in you. Focus on the positives. Also, not only should the tone of the copy be consistent from top to bottom, but it should also reflect the overall look and feel of the property.

Time is money, when in doubt, get help! You don’t have to spend hours banging your head on your keyboard when you could be closing sales!

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