There Just HAS TO BE an Easier Way to…

Have you ever found yourself sitting down to your computer to do your daily chores and thought…”There just has to be a better way to do this!”

But the only people you have actually said this to are those around you at that exact moment including your pets, kids or even the random house plant that you keep forgetting to water. There are people out there who can help with these pesky tasks…no I don’t mean assistants, I’m not talking about hiring people to take up space in your office that will manually do what you’ve been manually for months or even years.  I’m talking about creating systems to help you automate your online life.  Having a website that adds leads into your own system, having a 10 minute daily to do list from your system that updates you as to any tasks that are due that day, people that need to be contacted and anything that didn’t get done from yesterday…all on one page!  This can be done!

The more you do online the more complicated the process of merging things together can be…but it can be done, you just have to tell the right person!  You can try to tell your kids, pets or your unloved house plant and see how far that gets you but if you actually want to get the job done you need to consult someone who either has a system in place that you can see or build your own.  Don’t pass out! Building your own system isn’t the same as it was 10+ years ago, you don’t have to spend $50,000+ to get it started, this can be done by starting with the big picture in mind and starting out by merging just 2 or 3 manual tasks into 1 automated task.  For Example:

If you’re a realtor who is on,,,, as well as your brokerages website….WHEW! Thats a lot of places you could be getting emails from!  What if those emails could be read and input into your system automatically as leads? That’s step 1!

Step 2, now that leads are making it from a zillion different sources into your own leads management system…what do you do with them? How about a lead shows up on your home page…you click ‘Service this lead’ where there are all your servicing letters laid out where you can pick the first 10 and schedule them for the next 10 weeks.  Now each new lead is getting to hear from you for 10 weeks but you don’t have to do a dang thing.

Step 3, linking your custom system to your MLS! So in your database you’ve setup special fields so you know what your buyers are looking for including type, price range, location, etc…now when your system updates you can have them automatically sent an email for those properties that match…again, this is automatic!

There can be so many more steps to this process depending on what you’ve got going on but just remember the first step is always to ask the right person! But keep in mind the best part about these systems…They Are Custom so they can do virtually anything you need AND when your life changes…so can they!

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