The How’s, Why’s and What not to do’s with SEO!

There are millions of websites out there that can help you with the how’s and why’s of SEO. We’re not going to go into detail…this is more of a quick overview.

The How’s: Your site needs keywords, meta data, a title as well has header tags. WordPress has SEO plugins that make this easy and with so many wordpress sites out there this is great news for lots of people. For other kinds of sites you can do this with some of the builder programs can do that and for custom websites it’s totally up to your designer to help you get everything in place.

The Why’s: This one is easy…you have to have it if you want your site found! The more you can do to help boost your SEO the better your site CAN perform…but keep in mind you can do everything right and still not be number 1 for all your keyword searches.

What NOT to do: There are many things people have tried to do over the years from hiding white text on a white background, then there’s stuffing keywords in where they don’t belong, and one of the top failures is writing content for SEO rather than for your visitors. Some things can even get you penalized by google!

So it’s not all about what to do, but what not to do…there are many steps involved and if you don’t have some guidance it can be a little overwhelming!

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