Just like you, we want your agents to succeed in all their online efforts!

Each seminar can be customized to address specific questions you send us before hand, we have several options for Kalispell locations where we will provide breakfast to your agents or we can meet at your office’s conference room. The seminars can range from 30-60 minutes to fit the time you and your agents have available. What we cover can vary by brokerage and any specific requests you’ve made, here is a sample of the things we typically cover at each seminar:

For Beginners…

  • Why do I need my own website?
    • NAR Homebuyer Stats, where buyers are coming from.
    • What do I need to have on my website?
      • What are the most commonly used parts of a website vs. those that rarely get used?
      • NMAR free idx frame or outside solutions (IDXBroker)
    • Templates vs Custom sites
    • How can I integrate my website and social media accounts?
  • Are blogs worth it or just a waste of my time?
  • What do I need to know about social media?
    • What are the top social networks for Realtors?
  • How to Identify your competition
    • What are they doing on their website that is helping them succeed, or give the impression of success?
    • What social networks are they on and what are they doing there?

For those who’ve tried it all before…

  • Reviewing your own website:
    • What are your most popular pages and why?
    • What do your analytics say about your site?
    • How does google see your site?
    • What are things you can do to help your website perform better?
  • Which networks are you on?
    • What results have you been getting and how are you tracking it?
  • What and when have you been posting?
    • Personal vs Business pages on Facebook

Additional Topics…

  • Branding
    • How are you keeping your brand in tact across all your online and print efforts?
    • Are you branding your name, or did you create your own company?
    • Your online reputation?
  • What additional advertising are you doing and is it working?
    • How are you tracking your leads so you know what IS and what IS NOT working?
    • Print Marketing? Are you doing any why/why not
  • Adwords
    • How much does it cost?
    • How does it work?
    • What does it take to beat out your competition?
    • Is it worth it?

Are you interested?

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