How is your site organized and is that hurting you?

It’s not just about what’s on your site but how easy it is to navigate! If your site is so vastly complicated that people can’t find what their looking for and nothing could be worse.

Not only is it important that people can navigate your site but also that google’s little ‘bots’ can as well, if they can’t get to each and ever corner of your site then they won’t be able to display it when people are searching online for that topic.  No one wants to be ignored by google!  Want to know how many pages google knows about on your website? Try this neat trick: go to and type in inputting your domain instead of the blank line.  For example:   and the very top line says “About 1,370,000 results” so google knows about nearly 1.4 MILLION pages on that site…now compare that with and you’ll find only 212,000…that’s quite a difference!

I use that same thing when I evaluate someone’s website who says they need more traffic and often find out that they only have 3-10 pages…that’s it, then they want to know why their competitor’s site always ranks higher and shows as more relevant than theirs, when I run their competitors it’s usually 10x as many pages (in some cases I’ve found it to be more like 1500x more pages).

But knowing what google can see is great, but how many pages are there actually on your site? Google shows 5 but you know there should be at least 100…among a few other things, that could be because your site isn’t organized very well! It’s always best to start with the easiest and quickest fixes so they can be working to build your website back up to where you want it to be while you’re working on the bigger items that take a little longer to fix.

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