Building Awesome Takes Time!

clockTime…the one thing everyone wishes we had more of! Don’t waste hours of valuable time trying to write a blog post or figure out how to make friends on every social media site and being an ordinary business. Don’t be ordinary…be AWESOME!

Each Package is designed to help you achieve different goals, Bronze package is for the beginner who knows the importance of social media and keeping in touch with customers. The Silver package is for the businesses that knows the importance of social media and reaching customers where they are but also needs a bit of help planning and reaching beyond the basics. Finally, the Gold package is for the Pros, a business that wants to dominate their market, these businesses want to hear things like “I see you everywhere I look!” from existing and new customers alike!

Simply tell us which of these plans works best for you or mix and match to create your own plan!  Or, create your own A la carte package! Create your own package to fit your needs and your budget!

13 Hrs/Mo
27 Hrs/Mo
38 Hrs/Mo
Industry Related Blog Posts – Selected from your choice of Industry Sources and posted for you weekly! 2 posts/month 5 posts/month 10 posts/month
Personality Blog Posts – It’s important that your marketing promotes your strengths and reflects your personality so tell us what you are doing in the community, how you’re helping make the world a better place, or hobbies you enjoy! 2 posts/month 5 posts/month 10 posts/month
Get Social on Social Media – We’ll setup the sites for you and manage them too! You should be wherever your potential new clients are letting your skills and personality shine through! 2 hours/month 3 hours/month 3
E-Newsletter – We design a branded look and create content so you can reach out to your potential customers regularly!* 1
Custom Branded Website – We will create a website that is branded to feature your strengths + calls to action! (Responsive WordPress website) Up to
5 pages
Up to
25 pages
Digital Strategy Planning with Goals – Plan for the future with achievable goals for the next 12 months, want to increase web traffic by 3% or grow your facebook fan base by 5%? Then we should talk! check check
Monthly Google Analytics – See how things are going on your website with reports emailed to you the first of each month. These reports are a great way to know what’s working and what isn’t but one of the most valuable aspects is being able to look at year over year, after all…Rome wasn’t built in a day! check check
Contact Placement– Add your contacts to your social media accounts as well as some of your industry related sites, if any. Potential customers can come from virtually anywhere so be sure that once you have their contact info you can have them everywhere! check check
1 Hour Monthly Meeting – This 1 hour meeting will help to review goals and objectives on a monthly basis to make sure everything is on target for the year! It also gives us a chance to make recommendations and answer questions you have along the way! check check
Print Marketing – We will design print ads to help reach even more potential customers offline, few businesses can live by their website alone! Up to 3/month
Online Marketing – We will design online ads, such as banners, to help build brand awareness on additional websites. Up to 3/month
Print & Online Marketing Budget and Planning – Don’t get caught off guard by random calls to advertise in a magazine or website, know where and when you plan to spend your hard-earned money for the next 12 months to help you. check
Tracking Results – Get help tracking how effective your marketing was from each source, by knowing when and where you place ads we can help you track where leads likely came from and by asking 1 simple question while you have them on the phone for the first time can make all the difference! check
Adwords/Microsoft Campaign Management – One of the best ways to attract traffic is to go to the most popular places people are searching, let us help you create campaigns, manage budgets, reduce waste and maximize results check
$650/month $1,200/month   $1,520/month
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